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Cold chain packaging solutions for a zero waste planet.

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Making cold chain smarter, safer, and more cost-efficient: Our IoT enabled approach allows for rapid implementation and scalability.

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Granular level tracking

Track and trace all conditions on your shipments, down to the item. We track with precision and keep you updated in real time.

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Environmentally friendly packaging

Our packaging solution uses printed electronics and batteries that are biodegradable.

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Real Insights

We capture actionable data, analyze it quickly and present it clearly. We enable you to take action faster, rather than just react.

LAMAR Smart Packaging.
The premier cold chain solution.

We ensure that our solution uses more sustainable materials, including less toxic plastics and foams.

Integrated into our packaging solution are printed sensors that track location, temperature, shock, and humidity.

Systems that enable granularity.

Our one-to-many relationship system inside of the packaging allows for more granularity which provides increased data visibility.

Integrated mobile gateway.

Our mobile gateway connects and transmits data from our printed sensors to our cloud network.

Embedding our data into your processes. Delivering trusted data and predictive analytics.

Our platform streamlines raw data into actionable insights for our customers.
It provides visibility that helps decrease dwell time and minimize packaging loss.

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